Softcult have released the new single "Gaslight," accompanied by a music video. The track comes off their upcoming EP Year of the Snake, out Feb. 4 via Easy Life Records.

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Twin siblings Phoenix and Mercedes Arn-Horn make up Softcult. The two spoke to Alternative Press about their journey into music in June.

"Thinking back, I guess it was just the path," Mercedes says. "There was other stuff we were interested in, but growing up, it just seemed like it was a magnet that pulled us to it. And we were pretty much always just focused on music. From the minute we learned our first instrument, there was nothing else."

Mercedes also spoke about the meaning behind the new song in a press release.

“We wrote this song about gaslighting and how it really messes with your head and your perception of reality. Being in a relationship that constantly makes you question your decisions and actions, your feelings and emotions, even your soundness of mind. It’s a tactic that many abusers and groomers will use to tear down your defences and make you easier to manipulate. We wanted to raise awareness of this manipulation technique so that whoever hears the song will be able to recognize those red flags if they encounter that kind of behaviour.”

Watch the "Gaslight" music video below.

Softcult appeared in issue 395 of AltPress, available here.