Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. It’s currently considered a feat to get on social media and not see at least one screenshot of someone sharing their latest find. Such is the case with this Warped Tour attendee who found a Nidoran hanging out with some friends at Issues set, during which they covered the Pokemon theme song. Gotta catch ‘em all to be the best, right?

Since its debut earlier this week, it has been changing the way musicians treat being out on the road. For example: 

Palisades' Xavier is finding a bunch in Mexico right now!

Secrets' Richard Rogers is hoping Warped Tour continues to be fruitful in his Pokémon search:

Jeffrey from Capture The Crown calling it like it is!

Jarrod Alonge is stoked on Warped x Pokémon.

Set To Stun literally touring because of Pokémon Go.

KC from Outline In Color is ready to take full advantage of being a trainer on tour.

Miss May I's Levi Benton is so right!

All TIme Low's Alex Gaskarth and former Woe, Is Me/Favorite Weapon frontman Hance Alligood seem to be having some troubles:

Jim from For The Fallen Dreams is ready to catch 'em all!


It's a start. Going to be tearing it up on this vacation. #pokemongo

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William Control seems to be a little confused with all of this.

Also, there was a Pidgey in this Hot Topic's Pokémon display!