Many likely remember Blink-182's Marcos Siega-directed video for their Enema Of The State single, "What's My Age Again?" Debuting in 1999, the video featured Mark, Tom and Travis running nude through the streets of Los Angeles. It got a lot of play on MTV back then and is still to this day one of the band's most memorable videos. 

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Recently, the semi-NSFW clip got a Grand Theft Auto makeover thanks to someone using a scene director mod, some nude skins and Adobe Premiere for some junk-blurring. You can check out the reimagined video below, featuring Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and everyone's favorite potentially psychopathic, meth-addicted criminal, Trevor Philips, as they run naked through the streets of San Andreas, taking people out along the way.

Blink-182's original video for comparison: