First Day Back

Michael Fiorentino’s thoughtful lyrics and signature vocal tone would make any Somos release worth a listen, but the band expand in all the right ways for their sophomore full-length. First Day Back grows that melodically punchy not-quite-punk from 2014’s Temple Of Plenty into a dynamic, finely tuned blend of pop punk math-rock rhythms and adjacent genres. The old workhorse pace drives hitters “Thorn In The Side” and “Reminded/Weighed Down” in a familiar way, while the lead single “Alright, I’ll Wait” dabbles in atmospherics before delivering a strong, yet nuanced chorus. That knack for friendly, accessible hooks continues to be essential to the Somos charm, rooting their exploration while allowing enough leash to spawn “Violent Decline,” a standout as indie as it is emo. It’s those subtle additions to an already ahead-of-the-curve sound that have allowed Somos to create something all their own, as smile-inducing as ever. 


Problem Child