All die-hard music fans can remember the first time they discovered a new band or heard a song that made them smash the replay button. Sometimes tracks have this unique capability to take your breath away, creating a fresh relationship that can launch you into a new world of music discovery.

This connection to new music is something you can use to meet a whole new community. Wouldn’t it be great to have that skin-chilling, heart-jolting feeling of uncovering your favorite song all over again?

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Featuring tracks from bands such as Fall Out Boy, No Doubt, AFI and Paramore, here’s a list dedicated to that sensation of discovery.

Fall Out Boy – “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race”

MTV’s TRL had a way of launching bands into your lives. Fall Out Boy made heads turn with videos such as “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” and “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More 'Touch Me.'” However, when “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race" made its debut on TRL in 2006, it showed a different sound and side to the band. FOB shine a light on symbolism throughout the visual, featuring characters from past videos and MTV’s own Moonman, making “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race" a staple in any music lover's life. The song embodied a new era for the band. And it's a moment in music you want to relive over and over again.

AFI “Miss Murder”

If you were lucky enough to stumble upon AFI’s visual for “Miss Murder” on TV, there’s a good chance you were absolutely mesmerized by the band. “Miss Murder” grabs your attention with a hypnotic bassline and a glossy aesthetic. In the video, fans follow lead vocalist Davey Havok through a storyline of black bunnies that appear on AFI’s Decemberunderground album cover, with hints of a woman who appears to be Miss Murder. The fiery track was enough to lead fans to the internet, where the longer version of the video can be found. AFI let out more creativity in the extended visual, with Decemberunderground’s opener, “Prelude 12/21,” making for a theatrical and skin-chilling intro. All of the elements of “Miss Murder” are enough to take the air out of the room for a new listener, creating a desire to want to experience it all again.

Bowling For Soup – “Almost”

Discovering Bowling For Soup was like finding a whole new world of music. “Almost” is a pop-punk track that will resonate with any listener. And the song stays stagnant throughout as its video showcases the everyday struggles of high school. For many, it opened up a sound that most Bowling For Soup fans didn’t know existed. You may have branched off into the All-American Rejects'Dirty Little Secret” or Green Day’s “American Idiot” just from encountering this catchy song. 

All Time Low “Damned if I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)”

The summer of 2009 led to the release of All Time Lows Nothing Personal. The band teamed up with MTV to deliver the record with flair. Searching the band's name with "MTV" revealed that ATL were promoting their new album through a "hostage situation" skit as MTV's featured artist. “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)” reignites the feeling of simplicity from that summer, and it's something to be commemorated.

Taking Back Sunday “MakeDamnSure”

Fans have been drawn to Taking Back Sunday since “Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team)” made its way to their speakers in 2002. But songs such as “Liar (It Takes One To Know One)” and the anthemic “MakeDamnSure” are what made listeners stay. Frontman Adam Lazzara's performance in the song's video was nothing short of captivating. It featured dark images of predators stalking prey, cars crashing and buildings collapsing. It also portrayed the elegance and joy of ballet dancing and a backyard family party, making the visual wide-ranging. But above all, “MakeDamnSure” became a go-to car karaoke track and has been burnt into TBS fans' memories for a lifetime.

Senses Fail “Bite To Break Skin”

Senses Fail gave their fans some memorable and heavy-hitting singles from Still Searching, such as “Can’t Be Saved” and “Calling All Cars.” But before those releases, there was their debut LP, Let It Enfold You, which featured raw vocals and unapologetic melodies. Bite To Break Skin” really caught fans' attention, though. You may have noticed the song on a friend’s mix CD after they got their driving license in high school. Either way, the chances of the energetic track ending up on repeat were high. Now, imagine recreating the goosebump-inducing experience of hearing this one for the first time.

Paramore “crushcrushcrush”

All We Know Is Falling is the LP that brought Paramore into their fans' lives. But for their next era, “crushcrushcrush” showed fresh confidence from the band. Coming from their 2007 sophomore LP, Riot!, the song delivers an alluring aura with a ticking intro that leads to a mysterious prechorus. Hayley Williams effortlessly submerged listeners' ears with cryptic undertones, thanks to her steady and inviting vocals. All in all, “crushcrushcrush” showcased a new side to Paramore. And it made first-time fans want to indulge in the track repeatedly upon discovery.

Green Day “Jesus Of Suburbia”

Conceptually driven, “Jesus Of Suburbia” takes Green Day fans on a nine-minute journey. Introduced as “the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' of the future” by Billie Joe Armstrong, the song helped drive the band’s 2004 release, American Idiot. For some listeners, this might have been their first introduction to the world of concept music. “Jesus Of Suburbia" falls in line with the title track, “American Idiot,” which follows a post-9/11 America. Fans meet Jesus, who's coping with this new state of being through drug consumption. The track gracefully transitions into five parts: “Jesus of Suburbia,” “City Of The Damned,” “I Don’t Care,” “Dearly Beloved” and “Tales Of Another Broken Home.” This extensive song made fans want to go deeper into the album's storyline. And it still gives many of us a reason to listen all over again.

Panic! At The Disco “Build God, Then We’ll Talk”

In 2005, Panic! At The Disco made their debut with A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. The album showcased plenty of unique sounds and visuals fans hadn't experienced before. From painted eyes on wedding guests in “I Write Sins Not Tragedies" to fish-tank heads in “Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off,” the band made it clear that they were ones to watch. Throughout the record, P!ATD pay homage to different works of literature. “Time To Dance” features lines that hint toward Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Invisible Monsters. Additionally, “Build God, Then We’ll Talk comes from a quote in Palahniuk's Choke. The track shows the band’s ability to apply a whirlwind of emotions to a slightly unsettling song. “Build God" tackles mature topics along with a nod to The Sound Of Music’s “My Favorite Things” in the bridge. Today, it's a nostalgia trip for any fan.

No Doubt “Spiderwebs”

No Doubt had many ear-catching tracks on their 1995 album, Tragic Kingdom. Songs such as “Just A Girl” attracted listeners to Gwen Stefani's powerful vocals. But she also had a way of softening up her delivery in “Don’t Speak.” The band showcased just how diverse they could be with “Spiderwebs.” Stefani adds a confident sass to her vocals. And the visual pans through a classy wedding as it combusts into a black-and-white frenzy. The unique song, and even Stefani’s iconic plaid pants, make the experience one we wish we could keep reliving.