What's the dumbest pickup line you ever heard? Better yet, what's the dumbest one you've ever used? It's probably something you wouldn't want to own up to in the first place. Then again, maybe it worked so amazingly well, you're keeping it to yourself. (If not, please drop it in the comments section below.) We realize that there are people who are entirely too shy and retiring to have any "game." As a public service, we've scrolled through our playlists to seek out lyrics that could break the ice in social settings. Because these song lyrics are better than any pickup line you've ever heard.

Now because we're friends, we decided to go the extra mile for you. Our lyric selection didn't just begin and end at quoting lyrics. We went so far as to explain to you why the lyric should work. Then we suggested how to use it, citing potential locales for you to drop your newfound eloquence in pickup lines.

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Whose lyrical skills did we lean on for this pickup lines exercise? A number of pop-punk notables, because if there are two things that genre knows implicitly it's awkwardness and unrequited love. We've also got some text-bait from decidedly spooky individuals, as well. There's also a modern classic from one of the best pop bands to arrive in the last 10 years.

Let us know how these work out for you. But really, you know what would be the ultimate payoff? That the object of your desire recognized the source of your love-seeking plagiarism. Then talk would turn about the music you like, the bands you've seen and everything else down the line. Is there a better way to make a personal connection than through music?