Just in time for Halloween, we have a spooky new track to give away from producer Varien. He tells AP the metal influence in his music is only growing stronger, something you can hear prominently on "Immortal Kiss," which you can stream and download below. 

"I've always had metal influence in my music, but this track is the first one that really, I feel, dives headfirst into that realm while still keeping my electronic influences. I'm currently re-inventing my music to be even darker, even heavier, and even more interesting than my past stuff–and that's saying a lot! I'm working my way up towards making a progressive metal/electronic album, but until then I'm just going to continue having fun telling stories with singles. Future tunes of mine will incorporate baroque, metalcore, opera, J-rock, and more into one deadly cocktail that I call Varien. Hope you enjoy this tune and other tunes to come!"