Direct Hit! delve into the mind of a serial killer and go all Stockholm Syndrome with him and his victim in "Buried Alive" from their upcoming album Brainless God

"This is the last part of the first 'act' in the story we wrote," vocalist/guitarist Nick Woods tells AP. "All this fucked up shit has happened to the main character, and she [just says], 'Fuck it, who cares?' because the world's gonna be dust soon anyway.  It's sort of a forgiveness thing."

If you think that and carcasses in suburban basements are intense, just wait until you see the video, which finds the main character "watching the sun set for the last time with the serial killer who abducted her, another character in the story who's having sort of an existential crisis of his own," says Woods. "So, it's part of a love story, I guess, in a really fucked up and backhanded way."

Stream "Buried Alive" below:

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