For their new covers EP, Trying to be..., Light Years tackle Blink-182, Saves The Day and Tegan And Sara. Today, we unveil the second track, the Light Years spin on vocalist/guitarist Pat Kennedy's favorite Tegan And Sara song.

"Not only is this one of my favorite Tegan and Sara songs but I think it is one of my favorite songs ever," says Kennedy. "I remember when I first bought The Con, I would always just keep replaying this song over and over and it still hasn't gotten old for me."


Light Years will reveal one cover each week for three weeks, which will culminate in the full EP being available for free download via the Paper + Plastick webstore on October 23.


1. "Everytime I Look For You" (Blink-182)

2. "Back In Your Head" (Tegan And Sara)

3. "All-Star Me" (Saves The Day)


The band released I Won't Hold This Against You, their latest full-length, via Paper + Plastick in June.