Nick Santino, frontman of recently disbanded A Rocket To The Moon, has branched off on his own solo path, taking a more classic country-geared direction with this new song, "Never Coming Back," a bitter ode to the City Of Angels

"'Never Coming Back' is a song I wrote about my love/hate relationship with the Land of the Lotus Eaters AKA Los Angeles," Santino told AP. "This song came about rather quickly.  I guess I just had a few grudges against this lovely place and needed to air my dirty laundry.

"I wrote the chorus down in the notes of my iPhone and recorded all the music the next morning at my house. Started with a banjo and ended up with a fun little 'fuck you' song about the place where dreams come true."


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The song comes from Santino's solo EP, Going Home, which is out next week on July 30.