The Wild are set to release Dreams Are Maps via Asian Man Records May 21, 2013, but we don't think you should have to wait to hear it, especially after the band has tempted you so with this album trailer:

So, wait no longer and check out "Riverside," below and tell us what you think!

Of the song vocalist/guitarist Witt Wisebram told AP: "'Riverside' was one of the last songs we wrote for Dreams are Maps. This album, in some ways, is about dealing with loss [and] accepting that it is part of what makes our human experience beautiful--and hard. [It's] about finding ways to memorialize our lost loved ones by following our dreams and living a life they would be proud of us for living.

"'Riverside' is about trying to find some kind of reconciliation by traveling and moving.  It's about trusting in your intuition and using 'what feels right' as a guide for living your life.  Sometimes you have to separate yourself from your job, friends and family, and get out of the cities and noises that stress us out and make us anxious, to gain a fresh perspective on things."