Sonic the Hedgehog just released an international trailer in Japan that features some new footage of the little blue speedster. The internet was not ready for what it saw. The trailer shows us Sonic in his younger days, as a baby in fact, and not the internet is buzzing over Baby Sonic.

As a matter of fact, the internet has broken into a heated debate about whether or not Baby Sonic has dethroned Baby Yoda as the cutest internet star.

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After fans hated the initial trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog claiming he looked too human, the creators went and did a full redesign of the character. This elated fans and actually created some excitement for the film. Now the internet is buzzing with fervor over Baby Sonic. Check out the new international trailer below.

We first just see Sonic speeding around like a little blue ball of light. Then, we’re treated to a closeup and an adorable shot of him holding a flower. The internet lost its mind. Many are saying this Baby Sonic destroys Baby Yoda in the cuteness department. Check out some reactions below.


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As you can see, some love both versions, some have chosen a side and some hate both. The internet battle rages on over which meme is cuter. Either way, Sonic the Hedgehog now has some serious hype.

We might have a different feeling on Dec. 28 as the final episode of Disney‘s The Mandalorian airs tonight, Dec. 27. Given Disney CEO Bob Iger’s comments about his increased security, we can only imagine Baby Yoda’s name is significant. That might play a role in this war as we don’t see people voting for Baby Yoda’s cuteness if its real name is Blarf or something.

Tell us what you think of Baby Sonic and the new Sonic the Hedgehog trailer in the comments below.

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