Jim Carrey has commented on the Sonic the Hedgehog redesign that has caused the film’s release date to be pushed back. 

To backtrack, there was a huge social media outcry because the character’s design was not at all what fans suspected. There was so much backlash that the director announced they will change the design only six months away from the film’s release date.

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After the backlash, director Jeff Fowler took to Twitter to assure fans that their complaints haven’t fallen on deaf ears.

“Thank you for the support. And the criticism. The message is loud and clear… you aren’t happy with the design & you want changes. It’s going to happen. Everyone at Paramount & Sega are fully committed to making this character the BEST he can be… #sonicmovie #gottafixfast,” the tweet reads.

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Now, Carrey has commented on the criticism surrounding the film. He was at the 2019 Television Critics Association summer press tour for his show Kidding. During his panel, he talked about Sonic. He plays Dr. Ivo Robotnik. 

“I don’t know quite how I feel about the audience being in on the creation of it while it’s happening,” Carrey said. “So we’ll have to see what that entails because sometimes you find that the collective consciousness decides it wants something, and then when it gets it, it goes, ‘Okay. I just wanted it (and) I didn’t care about it, I just jumped on the bandwagon,’ or whatever. But I don’t know what’s going to happen.” 

“I don’t really concern myself with the things once I did my thing. I’m not super concerned about it. It’s going to happen how it happens. It’s either going to be a good or a bad thing,” he continued. 

He then went into talking about how “ownership of anything is going out the window for all of us”. 

“All I know is, just like everything else in our world, we’re feeling out of control of the process,” he said. “We do what we can do, and then technology is going to have its way, and people’s opinions are going to have their way. And who knows what that’s going to turn into? I believe in auteurs, and I believe in creatives. I believe in having them do it. As far as something like a Sonic character, that’s something people have a sense of ownership from their childhood. So, of course, they’re going to get involved if they can. We’ll see if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

You can see the original trailer that received major backlash below. 

More Sonic The Hedgehog news

One of the major points made by people on the internet about the Sonic The Hedgehog trailer was that they didn’t understand why the trailer used the song “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio. 

Apparently, even though it confused people, they were reminded of the song. Since the trailer’s release, streams of the 1995 track spiked by 237 percent from the previous week, according to Billboard.

The daily views for the music video for the song reached as high as 712,000 as well.

Then, the internet used the song in a new way by recreating it using sound files from the games. The video is insanely trippy and freaky to watch. You can see it for yourself below.

What do you think of Jim Carrey’s statements about the film? Sound off in the comments down below!

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