So far, the months leading up to the release of the new PlayStation 5 haven't gone exactly as Sony may have hoped. Back in January, Sony revealed the new logo for the PlayStation 5. The similarity the new logo has to previous logos sent the internet on fire as they roasted the tech company.

Now, the tech company is addressing new rumors that the PlayStation 5 will make its debut in October.

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Since the announcement of PlayStation 5, Sony has had a fair share of leaks and rumors to deal with. Prior to the unveiling of the PS5 logo and its website launch, leaks were posted online that appeared to show a devkit and the new DualShock 5 controller for the newest PlayStation. Now, Sony is having to address rumors that the release date for the new PlayStation has been moved up to October.

Sony confirmed that the PS5 would be released during the holiday season later this year. However, a recent job posting for Sony has caused a great amount of confusion for those waiting for the new gaming console.

A recruiting company for Sony recently shared a job posting that stated the PlayStation 5 will be released in October. The listing on the NEXT job website for a role in the Sony Materials Department was discovered by Twitter user @Nibellion this week.

On the job listing, the description states that the successful applicant for the role will work "with the design department and the quality assurance department to create the PlayStation 5 scheduled to be released in October 2020."

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Naturally, this left many video gamers scratching their heads and others over the moon for the rumored new release date. However, Sony now says these release rumors are false. In a statement, a publicist for Sony says that the recruiting company made an error on the job posting.

"It is not due to our description, but due to a mistake in the adoption site," the statement says.

At this time, no official release date for the PlayStation 5 has been confirmed. It is currently set to launch during the holiday season this year.

Previous reports revealed that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is unlikely to delay PlayStation 5's planned release. However, officials say that the pandemic could lead to a scarcity of materials needed to build the console. This means that the PS5 could have a limited release later this year if materials are unavailable.

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