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Watch a new music video from Phinehas—plus, don’t miss Cam Boucher's Nightmare Before Christmas cover. Check out the news you might have missed today below!

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1. Like Moths To Flames dropped a new song

Listen to "From The Dust Returned" right now—their upcoming album Dark Divine is out November 17 on Rise.

2. Watch an amazing new Life Lessons live session

Check out the set they did with Toast and Jam Studio!

3. Kayak Jones released a new EP

It's called Sort Out Your Head, it's stunning, and you can get it right now:

4. Phinehas shared the video for "Hell Below"

In which they bring light to the issue of the horrible conditions under the Kim dynasty in North Korea. Watch the moving video below. The band's upcoming album Dark Flag is out November 17 on Solid State.

5. Walk The Moon dropped a new song

The band have certainly stayed busy since their comeback. Listen to "Surrender" now!

6. Sorority Noise covered "Sally's Song"

This one ALMOST beats the Nightmare Before Christmas original. Almost. Check out frontman Cam Boucher's version:

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