[Santigold/Frank Ockenfels, NNAMDÏ/Dennis Elliott]

Sound Station: Santigold, NNAMDÏ and Alvvays are our tracks of the week

Welcome to Sound Station, where we’re highlighting the best new tracks that came out this week. Head into the weekend with songs from Alvvays, Santigold and more.

Alvvays enter their shoegaze era

Last month, Alvvays emerged with details of their first album in five years. Now they’re back with another preview of Blue Rev, a song that scorches and stuns. On “Easy On Your Own?,” Molly Rankin’s vocals are swallowed by fuzz as she contemplates a broken relationship. Toward the end, her voice cuts through the mix like a sudden burst of clarity. Their highly anticipated third album, Blue Rev, is out Oct. 7. Listen below.

Danger Mouse’s return to hip-hop and Black Thought’s consistent excellence

Since his days swapping bars with Malik B, Black Thought has been a consistently great rapper. With Cheat Codes, the collaborative album between the MC and Danger Mouse (out today), his careful command is being put in a new light. “Saltwater” is a satisfying display of their combined powers, where Danger Mouse deploys a nocturnal club beat alongside Black Thought’s charismatic cool.

Santigold salutes civil rights protestors on “Shake”

Santigold’s latest glimpse of Spirituals is short, sweet and jubilant. On “Shake,” the singer maneuvers a skittering beat with a carefree attitude. In the accompanying video, she’s blasted by a jet of water, drawing inspiration from photos of civil rights protesters being hosed down. But Santigold also finds power in joy as she boogies with a tambourine. Spirituals arrives Sept. 9.

NNAMDÏ’s “ANTI” shines a light on anxiety and trauma

NNAMDÏ’s latest single, “ANTI,” is a heavy listen masked in coolheaded poise. Overtop a breezy instrumental, generational trauma, paranoia and fake friends loom large as NNAMDÏ contemplates how much more he can take. The result is a strangely serene track where the Chicago multi-instrumentalist conveys his deceit and disappointment without ever losing his composure. “ANTI” appears on NNAMDÏ’s new album, Please Have A Seat, out Oct. 7.

Surfbort are road dogs

Surfbort’s “Never Gonna Be What You Want Me to Be” is the latest offering of their freaky scuzz. The accompanying video is a showcase of their life on the road, with flashes of crammed venues, bike rides and awkward dance moves. Relive their tour by checking it out below.

347aidan doesn’t give a damn on “so what!”

347aidan’s latest single “so what!” boils with carefree rebellion. Produced by Stacy Sinclair, Benny Bellson, and Adam Henderson, the track is a testament to what can happen when you’re in a room with friends. See for yourself by tuning in below.