Gone are the days of screenshotting the tracks we've been listening to on Soundcloud and posting them to our Instagram stories.

Now, the two social media giants have announced a partnership where users can share the songs they've been listening to and post them to their Instagram Stories directly from SoundCloud's app.

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In an announcement made from Soundcloud's blog, the companies will officially allow users to post their latest music finds from Soundcloud to Instagram with a simple tap of a button.

So, how does it work?

Once users download the newest version of the app, all users have to do is find the track they want to post and hit the share icon at the bottom of their screens. Once doing so, they'll hit the Instagram icon or select the “Share to Instagram Stories” option (which depends on the phone you're using.)

Once you click the share icon and hit send, you'll then share the link with all of your Insta' followers by having the track appear directly to your story.

We seriously can't wait to start adding our latest finds from Soundcloud to our stories, and it looks like we don't have to wait. The new feature will start to roll out to both iOS and Android users today (Oct. 23), with it being set to be available from the latest versions of each app respectively.

The news of the partnership with Soundcloud follows the similarly released partnership between Instagram and Spotify back in May.

As reported back then, users can share content from other platforms to add it directly to their Instagram Stories. So, if you wanted to share a screenshot of that song you're listening to, you can now share a sticker of the songs, playlists and the albums to your story with a simple click of a button.

Of course, that's not the only music-related news Instagram has unveiled.

The photo-sharing giant recently made it easier for users to add background music to their stories.

So, users now have the option to search out a song and artist of your choice, or you can look through the selection of songs by choosing the genre, what’s most popular, and what you’re feeling at the time.

What do you think of the new feature? Are you excited to add music to your Instagram stories? Sound off in the comments below!