When movie adaptations and remakes are released, they usually generate the same initial response. "Was it better than the book?" "Is it as good as the comic?" We're guilty of that, too. But really, we're the ones asking if the soundtrack was any good. It's that mindset  that inspired this countdown of soundtracks that might be better than the movies they were from.

The marriage of music to images can be a slippery slope. A great song can be used casually and a wonderful scene can be marred by a lackluster track. But for our intents and purposes, we're looking at soundtracks as a whole. Like they were the best playlists we forgot to put together.

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Our list of 10 great soundtracks takes a few turns. One score featured musicians who were forbidden to use instruments. We bet you forgot about that horror comedy with the sexy lead. (We bet MGK has seen it.) Two rocked-out reduxes of Tim Burton films made our list. And we would never forget that band whose participation in a soundtrack would color the making of the record they were working on.

We're thinking that at the very least, this video will reboot your memory bank. Remember that one song by that band you loved that only ended up on a soundtrack? It's probably on this list. But really, it's all good. Thanks to Spotify, you don't have to drop cash to hear that one song anymore. Hell, most of the movies we mentioned are streaming somewhere right this very second. It's a situation that's more bonus than bogus. By the way, has anybody seen Michael Cera lately? Tell him we were asking about him...