Are you looking to get away and take a break from this crazy world? While some may opt to take a camping trip or travel out of state for a quick vacation, you may soon have the option to—quite literally—get away from the world. The Gateway Foundation has announced its ambitious plan to launch the first space hotel, set to open in 2025.

Check out the cruise ship style amenities including concert venues, fake gravity and more below.

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The foundation is calling the hotel the Von Braun Station, which will act as a wheel-shaped, cruise ship-style hotel that will literally float among the stars.

According to designers, the goal is to get the hotel off the ground by 2025 and become fully operational for travel and guests by 2027.

The Von Braun Station will sleep 352 passengers with a maximum capacity of 450.

Space tourists will get all the amenities of an Earth-bound hotel, with a few bonuses of course. Included will be a gymnasium, bar, kitchen, villas, sports arenas and concert venues.

Artificial gravity will allow guests to assume normal activities such as sleeping and eating, but since it will be much weaker than the gravity on Earth, activities such as "supersized basketball" are being looked into.

You can check out a video from the Gateway Foundation about the Von Braun Station below.

Von Braun Station

The price for this out-of-this-world stay has yet to be revealed, but Houston-based startup company Orion Span is looking into a similar space tourism option.

Their 4-guest space hotel called Aurora Station will cost you an estimated $9.5 million for a 12-day stay.

Designers have admitted the early costs will be high, but state they're hoping to get them down.

“The early costs will be fairly high,” Senior Designer Tim Alatorre says. “Our goal is to get the costs down to where you have a choice: You could save up and go for a week’s vacation in Europe, or you could go to space.”

Guess we better start saving up now.

Would you book a stay at a hotel in space? What bands would you like to see perform at this space hotel concert venue? Sound off in the comments below!

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