It’s been 12 years since Sparks the Rescue first graced us with titles such as “We Love Like Vampires” and “Autumn.” Now, in a proper twist for this roller coaster of a year, the band is hinting at a possible reunion livestream featuring music off of their debut studio album, Eyes To The Sun.

The group burst onto the pop-punk scene in 2008 with the release of Eyes To The Sun. The record was re-released upon their signing with Fearless Records the following year.

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The band released two albums with Fearless before being dropped by the label in 2011 along with Artist Vs Poet—just after the release of STR’s sophomore album, Worst Thing I’ve Been Cursed With.

“Due to the departure of crucial band members, Fearless Records has released Sparks The Rescue and Artist Vs Poet from their contractual obligations,” the label said in a statement, “We wish them all the best for their future endeavors.”

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In 2012, the band announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new album and cover the cost of a tour van. Donors more than doubled the campaign goal with over $12,500 pledged. They recorded and released their self-titled EP that same year.

The group saw another lineup change in 2012 with Nick Bilotta replacing Dylan Taylor on drums. Bilotta left the band in 2014 at which point founding member Nathan Spencer reclaimed his seat behind the kit. 

They remained active through 2018, releasing two additional EPs: Truth Inside The Fiction in 2013 and When it Thunders in 2017.

Vocalist Alex Roy has since been performing both as an acoustic solo artist and in Holly Heist, a rock/pop cover band.

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Now, they’re teasing a resurgence with a tweet by the band’s official account on Friday.

“Hypothetically, if there were to be a reunion live stream of maybe…[Eyes To The Sun], or something... would y’all tune in?”

If it comes to fruition, this will be the group’s first live performance in almost two years.

The query follows an uptick in the band’s social media activity over the last month. They posted to Twitter in August, for the first time since 2018, requesting pictures and videos from previous live shows. 

It’s not immediately clear what lineup the tweet is referring to but the photo attached to the tweet depicts the original Eyes To The Sun lineup. If this is any indicator, then we could be seeing the return of Roy, Toby McAllister, Patrick O’Connell, Ben Briggs and Nathan Spencer. 

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Of course, fans were quick to respond to the band’s cryptic query with overwhelming support. With all luck, the resounding affirmations will make this “hypothetical” a reality.

Would you tune in for an Eyes to the Sun era Sparks the Rescue reunion? Let us know in the comments.