In this three-part roundtable with Spencer Chamberlain (Sleepwave), Jonny Craig (Slaves) and Dave Stephens (We Came As Romans), we explore the state of this vast yet intertwined sphere in which the music we love exists—the scene.

Bringing their unique perspectives from different generations and genres, the three delve into changes we’ve faced, what sets us apart, how we can better ourselves and what the future looks like.

In part one, they discuss recent changes, primarily focusing on music’s reliance on technology.

“I don’t think you can do this [now] without using social media, which is crazy,” says Chamberlain, who recalls the days when the movement his music was a part of was highly underground and news of shows was spread by flyer distribution and word-of-mouth alone.

They also delve into where the scene stands as of now—and it’s looking pretty promising, but we have a lot to improve.

“Bands like ours are starting to get attention and be in the Billboard 200,” Stephens says. “Just recently Linkin Park took out Of Mice & Men, and the fact that bands like that are starting to notice bands from this genre is definitely a good thing.”

However, Craig and Chamberlain suggest that things are a little oversaturated right now with a lot of bands vying for attention and gaining numbers despite lackluster messages and music. The solution: Pour your heart out and hope that that rises to the top.

 “A lot of the bands that are coming out I feel like they have a lot of passion and a lot of heart,’ says Craig. “We put a lot of things into our music, and I feel like hopefully that stuff can start to overtake some of the stuff that doesn’t really please me out there as much.”

“The scene’s in a weird state right now, but I think it’s going to come back around,” Chamberlain concludes.

Videography: Bobby Makar

Interview: Cassie Whitt