[Photo by: dcd2records/Instagram]

Our hearts are TOO full right now: Spencer Smith is officially working with DCD2 Records, which is partially owned by Fall Out Boy's own Pete Wentz.

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"I’m beyond excited to announce my involvement in DCD2, and finally get to talk about the not so well kept secret Pete Wentz and I have had for a minute now," Smith shared on the label's Instagram. "To be a part of building the future of a label that took a chance on my band feels right, and feels like home."

Pete Wentz shared an equally sappy post, explaining that "DCD2 has always been about finding like-minded creative people and magnifying their vision." He says that he's been searching for a partner who shares that spirit, which just so happened to be Smith.

And that's not the only news. Together, Smith and Wentz signed DCD2's newest signees: L.I.F.T!

We're stoked to see what the future holds for Smith, Wentz and DCD2. (We're also excited to hear L.I.F.T's new single, out Feb. 9.)

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