The official Spider-Man: No Way Home concept artist Thomas du Crest has revealed new imaginings of possible designs for Tom Holland. The renderings showcase the actor in a Venom symbiote suit.

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The artist shared the new designs on Twitter, writing, "While I wait for the greenlight to show the work I did for #spidermannowayhome , here is a small take on what might come next."

The post comes after the newest Spider-Man movie included a suggestive hint about Venom during an end-credits scene. It also follows the news that Sony are looking to create another Marvel Studios trilogy, one that could keep Holland's Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a conversation with Fandango, producer Amy Pascal commented on how No Way Home would not be the last time we saw Holland as our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

When asked about the possibility of a Venom crossover, Pascal didn't confirm or deny the idea. Even so, she suggested the vision for Spider-Man will continue to be ambitious.

“I would say there’s so many things that we’re going to be able to explore, but what we always have to do before we decide who the villain is going to be and what Spidey goes up against is: What is the story we’re telling about?” she says. “What’s the Peter Parker story we’re telling? What’s the Miles Morales story that we’re telling? But we always have to start with that. The good thing about these movies is as big as the canvas they take place on can be, they are always just stories about a kid.”