Beauty products don’t always have to be hot pink and super girly. Sometimes, we just want to put on some eyeshadow that will look like a zombie or bathe in a tub that looks like it’s filled with blood. Maybe we’re just a little weird, but there are tons of beauty products made for people like us. Check out 22 spooky beauty products made for witches, ghosts and vampires below.

Dearly Departed by Seance Perfumes ($22)

This sinister scent not only smells great, but it is vegan-friendly, free of harsh chemicals and made with natural ingredients such as essential oils. Dearly Departed smells like fresh floral, grass and dirt, and it’s meant to smell like flowers placed on top of a coffin. While that might sound strange, you will probably want to douse your body in it once you get a whiff. The company also sells a sample pack of all their scents for $80 for customers to try out and pick their favorites. You can buy the single perfume here and the sample pack here.

Gemstone facial roller by Aquarian Soul ($30-40)

This beauty tool looks like a tool that a witch would keep next to her vials of potions. These facial rollers not only look beautiful, but help stimulate blood circulation in the face and keep skin tight. They are made out of four different stones—jade, clear, rose quartz and amethyst—that each have different healing powers, according to the website. You can purchase your own here.

Blood and milk bath bomb from Witch Baby Soap ($6.50)

Take a blood-red bath with this crazy bath bomb that also has a milky foam. The bath bomb is full of coconut oil, mineral-rich clay and coconut milk. It might make it look like you’re a vampire bathing in blood, but it will definitely be super relaxing. You can find out more about it here.

Royalty blush by Fyrinnae ($10)

This bright purple blush is meant for someone daring who wants to look a little unearthly but in a pretty way. It doesn’t blend to a warm shade—rather a blue-violet hue. It is lip and eye safe, and the company makes blushes in many other colors for those opting for something different. You can buy one here.

Capital Vices skull lip balm by Rebels Refinery ($5.99)

Let your friends know that you are definitely on the dark side when you pull out one of these lip balms to keep your pout perfectly moisturized. These lip balms come in black and neon pink packaging and are available in passion fruit, mint and vanilla. Snag one for you, or a friend, here.

High-definition microfinish pressed powder by Lunatick Cosmetic Labs ($20)

This powder, which is designed to look like the planchette of a Ouija board, is perfect for setting your face or for small touch-ups on the go. If you pull this out of your bag in a public restroom, everyone will know not to mess with you or else you will get your ghost friends to haunt them for life. Buy your own here.

Ghost oil by Verb (2.3 oz. bottle—$16)

Don’t be too spooked by this product: It will actually do wonders for your hair. This hair oil will soften and defrizz your hair while also making it super shiny. It’s cruelty and paraben-free while also containing no harmful sulfates. The company actually has an entire ghost collection, which includes the oil, that you can check out here.

Glow in the dark Ouija soap by Witch Baby Soap ($5)

Witch Baby Soap has nearly everything any spooky bath lover needs, including this glow-in-the-dark soap that creepily resembles a Ouija board. It smells like absinthe and can be used as a bath bar or hand soap. You can buy your own here.

Celestial Sphere eye soot in ara and pyxis by Rituel de Fille ($38 each)

Both of these colors were too enchanting to just pick one. These eye soots are basically magic and will transform your eye, or even your face if you wanted to use it as a highlighter, with light-capturing pigments. You can purchase ara here and pyxis here. You can also purchase a bundle which includes an additional pigment here.

Gunmetal Wizard Wand brushes by Storybook Cosmetics ($55)

Storybook Cosmetics not only makes the insanely popular eyeshadow palettes, such as the Wizardry and Witchcraft palette, but they also make amazing brushes that look like wands. This particular gunmetal set comes with five eyeshadow wands, each different and with amazing detail work. You can multitask blending your eyeshadow and casting spells, which sounds like everything we’ve ever wanted. You can buy your own set here.

Lucipurr soap by BlackCraft Cult ($15)

Calling all witches—you seriously need this soap. It’s not only adorable (and vegan), but it also smells like pumpkin pie to make you feel like it’s Halloween all year long. You can buy one here.