In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the Spotify streaming service is initiating new platforms geared to help artists. Today the company announced the creation of the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief, a partnership with other music-related benefits to assist musicians in need. The company is currently creating a new service under Spotify For Artists, where fans can donate directly to their favorite bands from the site.

The COVID-19 Music Relief project is a collaborative effort between the streaming giant and other organizations that benefit musicians. Spotify is donating to MusiCares, PRS Foundation and Help Musicians, with others to be announced. In addition, they are matching individual donations up to a total company contribution of $10 million.

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The streaming service is preparing to implement a new Spotify For Artists feature. This will allow artists to seek funding directly from fans via their artist profile pages. The performers can specify where they would like monies to go. Whether it is toward themselves, another artist or a whole other charity, Spotify will not be taking a cut of any of the donations. Fans can get the immediate gratification of an artist's work and may then follow through with immediate crowdfunding. Spotify says bands' participation in this feature is completely voluntary. If you're in a band whose work is on the streaming service, go here.
Subscribers to the service interested in learning more about contributing should visit the Spotify website. If you’re a music industry professional in need, visit Spotify's partners for further information.
In addition, Spotify is further enhancing their commitment to artists via other platforms. SoundBetter, the clearinghouse for session musicians and technical people, is waiving its revenue share. The virtual recording studio site Soundtrap  is extending the free trial period for music educators. And finally, if you don't play music but just want to talk, you're covered. Anchor is waiving fees on its Listener Support feature, so podcasters may get more money out of their work.