Now you can rock a playlist curated by your own genetic code. That is, if you're willing to share your DNA results with Spotify. The odd pairing yields a website that makes a playlist based on the geography of your ancestors.

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That's right, thanks to the modern miracle of corporate synergy, you can let your $99 AncestryDNA info dictate a custom clutch of tunes for your next road trip. Why not learn some stuff about your family's distant history via music?

"It's so much more than the stats and the data and the records," says Ancestry executive vice president Vineet Mehra. "How do we help people experience their culture and not just read about it? Music seemed like an obvious way to do that."

And while it might sound appealing to realize your ancestral ties to Alpine yodeling, SPIN warns against the amenity due to Ancestry's terms of service. They reportedly allow the company partial control over the use of your DNA.

But Ancestry responded to that reporting with a statement reiterating their commitment to privacy. The company states that Spotify doesn't have access to a customer's DNA info, and that customers can input regions manually.

"Spotify does not have access to DNA data of any Ancestry customers. Customers can manually input regions into the playlist generator on Spotify and then a custom playlist is created with songs by artists from the various regions and across a wide variety of musical genres. All information is manually input by customers and the experience is completely optional."

Still, if you're willing to share your body's source code with a corporation for a few custom tunes, have at it. For now, we'll take a rain check on Spotify and Ancestry's DNA-curated playists. Sound off in the comments section, below.

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