Spotify subscribers who like to listen to pre-made playlists are going to get to put a more personalized spin on them now as the company is making a very useful function available.

The streaming service is now allowing premium users to hide songs they don’t want to hear from playlists so they don’t have to hear them.

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According to The Verge, users are going to be able to eliminate the songs from Spotify’s massive collection of playlists that they don’t want to personally hear.

Clicking onto a pre-made playlist curated by Spotify employees is by far the easiest way to quickly get a mix going but sometimes a song comes on that you just can’t stand to hear. Now, that problem is being eliminated.

Both iOS and Android users will have the function available. They’ll simply have to head to the “context menu” on a given song and click “hide song.” If you change your mind later on, you can, of course, unhide it.

The new feature is a pretty small change but every little bit of smoother functionality matters with Spotify. The streaming service’s primary source of income is subscribers with advertisers coming in close behind. If small features like this are the selling point for someone deciding between Spotify or another service, it’s not a bad decision on their part to focus on things like this.

They’ve been implementing several new features and testing out new ways to reach fans for a while now too.

Back in January, they revealed a new boost for select artists putting their vertical videos to good use.

Artists who have Canvas videos are able to share them directly to their Instagram stories to reach fans in new ways. While artists could simply add their new songs to their Instagram stories with a few easy clicks, they can now have their vertical videos transfer over too.

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Fans seeing the Canvas stories on Instagram won’t count towards the overall view count to skew statistics either.

Spotify claims Canvas helps boost artist’s numbers by up to 200 percent. They also say it helps boost overall streams, saves and artist profile visits.

What do you think of the new Spotify function? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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