It looks like Spotify may be planning to expand its capabilities even further.

Renowned reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong has reportedly uncovered the streaming platform's plans to launch an in-app karaoke feature.

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On Monday, reports emerged that Spotify plans to launch the Spotify Karaoke Mode in the future. The in-app feature allows users to turn the vocals of the songs they're listening to up and down. As well, lyrics appear on the screen as songs play, allowing for a user-friendly karaoke experience.

Spotify has not confirmed or denied these plans. However, news of the Spotify Karaoke Mode arrives at an interesting time. On Friday, Sept 4., Twitch announced that it is closing its karaoke app Twitch Sings in January 2021.

In a blog post, the Amazon-owned company shares that Twitch Sings is being shut down because the firm has “decided to invest in broader tools and services that will help support and grow the entire music community on Twitch."

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Along with Twitch Sings, Tencent Music Entertainment's WeSing app shows just how successful karaoke apps can be. Last year, TME claimed that WeSing users generated over 10 million karaoke recordings per day. As well, WeSing reportedly accounts for 77 percent of China's online karaoke user base.

Even though Twitch Sings is disappearing next year, Twitch has other developments in the works. Last week, the company announced a partnership with Amazon Music. Now, the latter platform is officially a live streaming app. Especially amid the coronavirus pandemic, this new Amazon Music app feature, which allows artists to livestream in one place, is very important.

As for Spotify, music listeners are continuing to heavily use the streaming platform this summer. Last month, Spotify unveiled the top songs and podcasts both the world and United States have listened to this summer. The top song, for some, may be surprising.

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