If you've noticed a growing trend of artists adding looping vertical videos to their Spotify songs, you may see it come up a whole lot more as the company partners with Instagram.

According to Tech Crunch, artists who have Canvas videos will be able to share them directly to their Instagram stories to reach fans in new ways.

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Artists that are currently allowed to use Canvas will have a function added to their app to be able to share their songs to Instagram just like they did before, but now, they'll feature the vertical videos as a background on their stories.

Fans seeing the Canvas stories on Instagram won't count towards the overall view count to skew statistics either.

At the moment, the feature will only be available to Apple users with an Android function coming soon.

The new feature is intending to highlight new Canvas content from artists to their fanbases who may otherwise not discover these videos until long after they've been added.

The streaming service claims Canvas helps boost artist's numbers by up to 200 percent. They also say it helps boost overall streams, saves and artist profile visits.

While the company has been implementing a number of features inspired by social media, they aren't intending to make the app a new social media. Rather, they intend to help artists find new ways to connect with fans and create new content constantly.

At the moment, not everyone on Spotify is able to upload Canvas videos. They have a waitlist to join which bands and musicians can sign up for here.

What do you think of Spotify pairing up with Instagram to allow cross-sharing of Canvas videos on stories? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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