Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many of us are in quarantine at home. The sudden change in our daily schedules has allowed us to consume a lot of music and shows on streaming services. Now, Spotify and concert ticket website Tixel are giving listeners the chance to see which songs they have been blasting the most during lockdown.

This week, Spotify and Tixel have launched their "my top lockdown songs" feature.

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Let's be honest, all of us Spotify users look forward to the end of the year simply for Spotify Wrapped. For the last few weeks of the year, listeners cover their social media with posts about their top Spotify artists and songs. Now, Spotify and Tixel are allowing us to see exactly what we've been listening to the most since coronavirus quarantine began.

With its new "my top lockdown songs" feature, Spotify and Tixel are making it easy to see our top three songs. Once you connect your Spotify account to the feature, it uses the data available to reveal the top three songs you've been rocking out to. It even has a downloadable option so you can share the visual on your social media. We no longer have to wait until the end of the year to show our followers what we've been listening to!

As usual, Spotify listeners are flocking to their social media platforms to share their top three lockdown songs. Heart Attack Man shared their top three which includes "Life Is Beautiful" by Lil Peep, "Talk With Your Hands" by Bad Bad Hats and "When You Know," Neck Deep's most recent single.

You can find out what your top three lockdown songs are

What are your top three lockdown songs? Let us know in the comments below!

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