April is the time to have the ultimate spring cleaning session. With coronavirus hitting its peak in many states, American citizens will be self-isolating at home for at least a few more weeks.

Take this time to go through your wardrobes, closets, shelves, etc., as it’s probably been a while since they’ve gotten a deep clean. AltPress curated a playlist perfect for all the stages one goes through during the spring cleaning process.

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Let us know which songs you’ll be listening to as you reorganize your space in the comments below. Happy spring cleaning! 

TWIN XL – “Messy”

TWIN XL describe most of our closets and rooms right now: messy. Truly, no judgment. There’s only so much time in the day, and that doesn’t include hanging up all the outfits that didn’t work in the morning. 

The Story So Far – “Upside Down”

The Story So Far encapsulate how our house looks while digging into a good spring cleaning. You must turn a house upside down to get it looking right-side up. Sorry, those are the rules. 

Sleeping With Sirens – “Postcards And Polaroids”

Like Sleeping With Sirens, you may find postcards and Polaroids as well as long-lost notes, knickknacks and photos in your dressers and drawers. Doing a deep clean has its perks, and that’s going down memory lane. If you’re lucky, you may find cute (or cringy) mementos from your first Warped Tour

Passion Pit – “Take A Walk”

It’s impossible to do all of your spring cleaning in one go unless you’re on top of organizing throughout the year. Passion Pit remind us that it’s OK to take a break. Take a walk to get away from the dust or watch a Netflix comedy special amid your piles of clothes and random homework pages you saved from high school for some reason. 

MAGIC GIANT – “Disaster Party”

In the middle of your spring cleaning, your home may look worse than when you started. It may appear like a small tornado made its way through your band merch drawer. That’s OK. Turn your disaster into a party with MAGIC GIANT

blink-182 – “Dammit”

Chances are you’ll be saying this word several times during the process. Hopefully, you don’t step on any Legos or loose tacks or else you’ll never stop screaming it. In fact, you don’t even have to be spring cleaning to say “Dammit.” blink-182 fans are inspired to say it daily due to all of life’s minor inconveniences. 

K.Flay – “Giver”

Once you’ve sorted out everything you don’t want or need anymore, it’s time to bag up usable clothing items and donate them to local charities. Be a “giver” like K.Flay. Also, if you have band merch you can’t wear but aren’t ready to part with, there are several ways to repurpose them. 

All Time Low – “Everything Is Fine”

After throwing away old papers and figuring out everything you’re ready to set free from your home, it’s time to reorganize your closets, shelves and drawers. Everything is fine. Thanks for the reminder, All Time Low

Pink Laundry – “Like It Like This”

Judah Akers, lead vocalist of Judah & The Lion, recently shared his dynamic solo project Pink Laundry. Not only does his new sound bring a refreshing take on alternative rock, but his debut single “Like It Like This” is what all of us think when that last sweater is hung, the final book is shelved and the remaining vinyl is alphabetized.

What’s on your spring cleaning playlist? Let us know in the comments below.