Staind frontman Aaron Lewis blew up on stage about Senator Elizabeth Warren, calling her a “lying bitch.”

Warren is a Massachusetts senator and democratic presidential candidate for 2020. Lewis is currently a resident of Massachusetts but was born in Vermont. Lewis is also known for his politically conservative views.

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Lewis made the comments during a solo gig in Jacksonville, Florida in regards to Warren’s claims of being Native American.

“I really don't wanna give Massachusetts any props right now. I'm being honest with you. I can't in good conscience give props to the state that re-elected 'Pocahontas' after it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that every person in this room is more American Indian than that woman,” he said.

“I have never claimed in my life to be American Indian — I'm more American Indian than that fucking lying bitch. So I get to go home once a week and realize that the state that I'm going to voted that fucking perfect bitch back into politics."

Lewis is referring to the controversy of Warren releasing a DNA test that showed “strong evidence” of her having Native American ancestry. Warren upset the Native American community for mistaking her DNA makeup with her ethnic identity.

Lewis likely is referring to Warren as “Pocahontas” because President Donald Trump has called the senator the racially insensitive name.

You can check out the video of Lewis slamming Warren below.

Lewis recently also came under fire for telling a Texas crowd that he can't speak Spanish because he's "American." The remark came when the musician couldn't get the crowd to quiet down. One audience member suggested Lewis ask the crowd in Spanish because there were many Spanish speakers in the audience. He received major backlash for the comment.

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