Here’s your daily dose of creepy, horrible people: Over the weekend, Staind played a gig at Rockfest in Kansas City with Korn and Killswitch Engage (among others). In the middle of the band’s performance, frontman Aaron Lewis cut the song “Something To Remind You” short to call out the “fucking assholes” who were “molesting” a young girl trying to crowdsurf.

Lewis screams:

“Alright, listen up, you fucking assholes. That fucking girl right there is like fifteen fucking years old, and you fucking pieces of shit are molesting her while she’s on the fucking crowd.

If I fucking see that shit again, I swear to god, I will point you out in the crowd and have everyone around you beat your fucking ass.”

Remember, guys, keep your hands to yourself. Check out the fan-shot footage of Lewis’ tirade below, and let us know your thoughts. Have you ever seen anything like this happen at a show?