The entertainment world stood in shocked reverence when Marvel Comics maven Stan Lee died earlier this week at the age of 95. But his daughter says she created one last character with the comic book pioneer before his death.

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That's right, along with the many musicians who remembered the Marvel Comics legend, Lee's daughter J.C. Lee honors the icon's spirit with word of a final superhero she developed with her dad prior to his passing, as reported by TMZ.

And that character's name is Dirt Man, she reveals. "It's not over yet," urges Lee, speaking in a recorded phone call with the tabloid. "We still have a little trickery." But where did this previously unknown Stan Lee superhero come from?

"I'd been trying to get him to do a character with me my entire life," she says of the hero's origins. "He did listen to me, and we had been working on a character called Dirt Man. … The last little angel we've got tucked away is Dirt Man."

Further, J.C. Lee speaks boldly when considering the legacy left by her father. Seemingly challenged on the idea of Stan Lee's sole creative ownership of Marvel, she proclaims her father exclusively lays claim to Marvel's genesis.

"He created Marvel Comics," Lee's daughter unequivocally declares. "And, forgive me, my father is not a co-creator. Say that from his daughter: My father did not co-create Spider-Man or Hulk or any of them, he created them."

And while Stan Lee's cameos for two upcoming Marvel films are already in the can, we certainly miss the popular writer, editor and publisher who influenced more than just comic books. Maybe we'll see a Dirt Man comic sometime soon.

Would you be interested in reading a Dirt Man comic book? What do you think about the final superhero Stan Lee apparently created with his daughter? Sound off in the comments section, below, and let us know your take.

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