We’ve all had those moments, especially over this past year, where we feel like we just can’t win no matter what we do. Whether it’s in relationships or life in general, those cynical and sinister feelings can send us into an absolute headspin. Turning the misery into music, pop-punk heavyweights Stand Atlantic have teamed up with emo-rap frontrunner nothing,nowhere. in a captivating collab titled “Deathwish.”

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Stand Atlantic dropped their second full-length, Pink Elephant, in August 2020, following it up with their collab on “I’m Sorry” with pop singer/producer MOKITA in November. 

Fans have been anxiously awaiting new music from the band, falling into an absolute frenzy as cryptic teasers began popping up on the band’s socials two weeks ago.
Those 15 fans were sent a code that unlocked a website link posted by the band. The link revealed yet another puzzle for fans to piece together.
It didn’t take long for super-sleuthing fans to discover the song’s title and release date. However, one key piece of the puzzle wasn’t revealed until Stand Atlantic dropped a teaser for the track, announcing that it would feature nothing,nowhere.

At last, the wait is finally over! Check out the official music video for “Deathwish'' featuring nothing,nowhere. below as well as an exclusive interview from Bonnie Fraser

What made you decide to bring in nothing,nowhere. for “Deathwish”? How did the collab come about?

Originally, it was [David] Potter rapping, so we decided to call a professional instead. nothing,nowhere. is a very talented dude. [I’m] thrilled to have him a part of the track. It just hits.

Can you give readers a rundown on what the song is about/the inspiration behind the track?

Frankly, I died. I was a servant to the opinions of people who didn’t give a fuck about me. My self-worth was so low that I would get high off a glimpse of their approval. I lost myself, and I think the old me had a deathwish all along. But now I’m back and truly have zero fucks left to give.

I absolutely love the clear wall with all the lyrics written on it. Is it full of mostly lyrics, or did you sneak some other things in there?

There are some sneaky bits in there. Some of the lyrics are taken from the original second verse we had before nothing,nowhere. jumped on. We also just added phrases that were related to the concept of the song like the heart filled with the word “end” over and over. It’s reminiscent of [the] death of a person or love or friendship.

What was the biggest hurdle in recording the song and filming the music video?

The song was pretty straightforward, but the video was literally filmed in three separate countries, so coordinating that was a complete stress fest as I’m sure you could imagine. 

The “blue paint” coming out of your mouth is a fantastic visual, so I simply have to ask—how was it filming that whole experience? 

It was definitely something I’ve never done before, and I wasn’t looking forward to it because I just assumed I’d literally be holding paint in my mouth. But movie magic, baby—it was just corn starch and food dye. Super sweet and I definitely nearly threw up a few times because I’d put too much in my mouth and couldn’t hold it in. [Laughs.]

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