[Photo by: Disney/Lucas Films]

This litte fella appeared in the trailer for The Last Jediand no one really knows what's going on or why he's screaming, but one thing is for certain: he is adorable. And he has inspired a Photoshop war on reddit. 

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Here's the original porg from the trailer. 

[Photo by: Disney/Lucas Films]

I'm sure you can already tell where this is going. Here are some of our favorite porg edits.

Here's porg taking his rightful place as a star of the film.

[Photo by: Shashakeitup/reddit]

And here's porg as every star of the film. 

[Photo by: DrWankalot/reddit]

Here's porg with Shaq.

[Photo by: Shashakeitup/reddit

But wait...

[Photo by: drusaysso​/reddit

Oh no...

[Photo by: Shashakeitup/reddit

Here's porg on a rollercoaster. Poor lil guy. 

[Photo by: son_of_sons/reddit]

Here's porg as a chestburster from Alien

[Photo by: zvoidx/reddit]

Welcome to Jurassic Porg. 

[Photo by: bboyneko/reddit]

Porg as Jaws.

[Photo by: quaybored/reddit]

And one more...

[Photo by: Ghost_Animator/reddit]

Trust us, there are plenty more porg memes on the thread so go check it out. We can't wait for the newest installment of the Star Wars franchise, Porg Wars. 

Do you think the porg is cute or creepy? Sound off in the comments below!