Are you bored of your same old coffee order or just looking to branch out and try different drinks? Thanks to the Starbucks “secret menu,” virtually any drink you want to try can be made. So what better drinks to taste test than ones inspired by your favorite artists?

Because items on the “secret menu” aren’t guaranteed to be known at every store, make sure you know the recipe when ordering so your barista can create the drink exactly how you want it. Here are 10 Starbucks drinks that put your favorite artists right in the cup.

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What to order: Iced caramel macchiato with toffee nut syrup instead of vanilla, two pumps of honey on top of ice

Just as PVRIS like breaking away from the norm, this drink is a twist on Starbucks' popular iced caramel macchiato. Substituting toffee nut for vanilla gives the drink a nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with the rich espresso. As often as Lynn Gunn's smooth vocals get stuck in our heads, so will the sweet flavors of this drink.

PVRIS songs to listen to while drinking: “Dead Weight,” “January Rain,” “Wish You Well”


What to order: Vanilla bean Frappuccino with peach infusion and strawberry puree around the cup

This fruity concoction embodies YUNGBLUD's sweet but punchy personality that comes through in much of his music. Make sure to ask for a splash of peach infusion in the blender and strawberry puree at the bottom of the cup. If you're looking for a refreshing and sweet new Frappuccino, look no further.

YUNGBLUD songs to listen to while drinking: “strawberry lipstick,” “cotton candy,” “ice cream man”

Avril Lavigne

What to order: Dragon Drink blended with dragon fruit inclusions and whipped cream

A blended take on the popular Dragon Drink refresher, this beverage is sure to remind you of Avril Lavigne and her iconic pink hair. The refreshing fruity flavors combined with the sweet whipped cream won't disappoint.

Avril Lavigne songs to listen to while drinking: “Flames,” “Dumb Blonde,” “Bigger Wow” 


What to order: Cold brew with two pumps of white mocha and vanilla sweet cream with caramel drizzle

This drink mirrors grandson's biting vocals and powerful instrumentals with the velvety white mocha and sweet cream juxtaposed against the intense cold brew. If it sounds too sweet for your liking, you can also opt for less white mocha and light caramel drizzle.

grandson songs to listen to while drinking: “Identity,” “Left Behind,” “Pain Shopping”

Meet Me @ The Altar

What to order: Lemonade with peach infusion, add pineapple ginger syrup, shake, passion tea poured over ice

Much like the band's energetic and contagious music, this lemonade isn't going to disappoint. When ordering this drink, ask for a peach passion tea lemonade with pineapple ginger syrup. However, request the passion tea to be poured over the lemonade for a super-cool ombre look.

Meet Me @ The Altar songs to listen to while drinking: “Garden,” “Beyond My Control,” “Sane”

Green Day

What to order: Matcha Frappuccino with two pumps peppermint syrup and java chips

Take one look at this green drink and you'll realize why it's the Green Day Frapp. The refreshing minty flavor mirrors the band's exhilarating discography and will leave you wanting to blast Dookie all day.

Green Day songs to listen to while drinking: “She,” “Still Breathing,” “Brain Stew”

Phoebe Bridgers

What to order: Java chip Frappuccino with white mocha instead of regular mocha, topped with whipped cream and mocha drizzle

Phoebe Bridgers, our current cover star, is the queen of writing emotional songs that resonate with anyone who listens. Just like songs such as "Motion Sickness" often leave you speechless, so will this tasty Oreo Frapp. It's also the perfect thing to drink while rewatching her SNL performance.

Phoebe Bridgers songs to listen to while drinking: “Kyoto,” “Garden Song,” “Funeral”

Stand Atlantic

What to order: Passion tea with soy milk, one pump raspberry, one pump vanilla, blackberries

This drink is a spinoff of the Lavender Drink but with raspberry syrup to add a kick to it. And what better drink to represent Stand Atlantic than a lavender-esque concoction? After ordering this beverage, you will want to blast their songs and scream at the top of your lungs.

Stand Atlantic songs to listen to while drinking: “Lavender Bones,” “Shh!,” “Eviligo”

Foo Fighters

What to order: Cold brew with vanilla sweet cream foam, one pump mocha in the foam and topped with mocha drizzle

An intense coffee flavor with notes of sweet chocolate, this drink pairs perfectly with Foo Fighters' gritty power ballads. More a fan of coffee rather than sweetness? Just ask for light sweet cream and no drizzle.

Foo Fighters songs to listen to while drinking: “Waiting On A War,” “The Sky Is A Neighborhood,” “Aurora”

All Time Low

What to order: Salted caramel cream cold brew with vanilla sweet cream

Something about All Time Low screams caramel, so this drink is a perfect embodiment of the band. Instead of getting a salted caramel cream cold brew, ask for non-foamed sweet cream for a refreshing and energizing twist.

All Time Low songs to listen to while drinking: “The Irony Of Choking On A Lifesaver,” “Monsters” (feat. blackbear), “Weightless”