News of secret menu items spanning Jack Skellington to the Joker have hit the internet just in time for Halloween, but Starbucks finally revealed an official spooky drink for the season. Deemed the Phantom Frappuccino, this new vegan item may just knock the Pumpkin Spice Latte down a notch on your favorite fall drinks.

The new Frappuccino marks the first of the coffee chain’s annual seasonal additions, making its way to European locations only (at least for now).

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According to Starbucks’ Spain site, the drink gets its spooky coloring from active charcoal. Somewhat shockingly, the drink features a fruity combination of coconut, mango and pineapple.

However, the best part is the citrus-flavored slime-filled topping that oozes its way through the rest of the drink. To top it all off, there’s also an optional dark coconut-flavored whipped cream. Check out an image of the drink below.

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The Phantom Frappuccino is available through Nov. 1 at European Starbucks locations with it popping up in Germany and the U.K. as well. As for the U.S., Starbucks hasn’t revealed a specialty Halloween drink yet, but fingers crossed it will be equally if not more awesome.

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The announcement is keeping our fingers crossed we’ll get something as epic as last year’s Witch’s Brew Frappuccino.

The 2018 Halloween specialty was purple and green with a blend of “toad’s breath” and orange crème Frappuccino. Plus, a swirl of green “bat warts” made with chia seeds. To finish up, the drink is topped with vanilla whipped cream and dusting of green “lizard scale” powder.

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The U.S. drink followed Japan’s Halloween Witch and Halloween Princess, both of which gave a unique twist on a fall-appropriate apple flavor.

The Princess drink is a milk sweet apple blend consisting of an apple base mixed with white mocha to give it that pastel pink color. Sprinkles top the drink, making it look like it’s straight out of a fairy tale.

In 2017, the Zombie Frappuccino crawled its way into U.S. locations. The green apple-flavored drink with caramel had brains (aka pink whipped cream) and a red mocha drizzle were the finishing touches.

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The coffee chain’s Singapore locations also released a vampire-inspired drink in 2017. The Frappuccino consisted of a chocolate cream blended with strawberry sauce. Whipped cream with mimicked vamp bites were the topping of choice.

In 2015 and 2016, the U.S. saw the release of another vampire-inspired drink, the Frappula Frappuccino. The concoction gave us some major My Chemical Romance vibes circa Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge era.

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However, Starbucks hasn’t limited the specialty drinks to just Halloween themes. Over the past couple of years, Starbucks has introduced everything from a Tie Dye Frappuccino to a Unicorn Frappuccino to its menu.

Which limited edition Starbucks drink is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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