[Photo by: starbuckssg/Instagram]

Starbucks is clearly in the spooky spirit. They debuted a MCR-inspired Frappuccino a few years back, and have already announced a Zombie Frappuccino for this year.

However, that’s not all they’re offering: There’s a vampire Frappuccino set to make a haunting appearance, too.

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According to Cosmopolitan, it’s a chocolate cream Frappuccino blended with strawberry sauce, and we want to sink our fangs right in.

The catch? It’s available in a number of countries outside the U.S.

The frightening Frapp is pictured below for the brand’s Singapore locations, and we’re still hoping to get our hands on the flavor in the U.S. (We can wish, right?) 

Whether we have a spooky zombie Frappuccino or a vampire flavor in hand, is there really a better way to spend Halloween? Pair one with AMC's FearFest horror movie marathon, and you'll be set.