[Photo credit: Starburst Facebook]

Finally. No more annoying your friends by hijacking all the pink Starburst behind their backs.

The candy company has announced all-pink packs, a limited edition special coming to a store near you this April.

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As Teen Vogue points out, the release is timely—Easter's unofficial, but basically official, color is pink after all.

The limited edition godsend will hit Walmart, Walgreens, Target and Amazon (bulk-order, anyone?) and are available in a single stick or a large bag.

USA Today adds that Starburst released its FaveReds, which is a mixture of pink and red, back in 2008.

"While everyone has a favorite flavor or color of Starburst, pink has always risen to the top for our fans," says Starburst Spokesperson Michelle Green. "From memes about relationships to sharing photos of excitement when getting a pink Starburst, over half of all references to Starburst on social media are about pink Starburst."

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