A State Champs crew member's personal property was stolen on tour, and he lost around $4,000 worth of belongings.

Photographer Beth Saravo set up a fundraiser to support him, check out below how you can help.

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Go Fund Me campaign

"Although the theft is being investigated, the likelihood of recovery is very low," Saravo writes.

"When you’re on tour, everything you own is in your bag," she continues. "All of the devices you bring out with you; your passport, wallet, jewelry, and irreplaceable personal items that help you get through the every day—all of it gone in an instant without a witness."

If you can, click here to make a donation.

The fundraiser is trying to recover the $4,000 lost; however, if it raises more than the goal, the additional amount will go to FEND, an organization fighting the opioid crisis created by Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman.

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