State Champs have released a new single and music video titled “Eventually.” The track comes off their upcoming album, Kings Of The New Age, out May 13 via Pure Noise Records.

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The band spoke about the song in a press release, sharing, “In the past few years, I’ve had my first real experience with mental health issues, as well as some physical battles that have affected my thought process on the future. This song is about facing those things head-on. I’ve never been one to open up about these things, so I hope if anyone relates to ‘Eventually,’ even in the slightest, it lets them know that it’s OK to have these feelings and to talk about them. Writing this song motivated me to take the necessary steps to get my mind and body back to a healthy place, and I hope those listening are able to do the same.”

Vocalist Derek DiScanio also connected with Alternative Press for issue 405. In the interview, he speaks about the new album as well as pop punk's resurgence.

“We can all co-exist together and motivate each other, but if anything, there should be a little friendly competition in it all," he says. "Who’s gonna carry the torch, and who’s gonna be here two or five years down the road? I guess we’ll see. That plays into what Kings Of The New Age is: It’s almost a little jab. What we’re really saying is, 'There’s a new age, but we’ll show you how to do this shit.'”

Check out the video for “Eventually” below and preorder State ChampsKings Of The New Age here.

State Champs appeared in issue 405, available here.