State Champs

The Finer Things

As the familiar feedback of “Elevated” creeps into its explosive main course, State Champs give you no chance but to wake up and smell the pop-punk. It smells great, baked nearly to perfection by the guiding hands of producer Steve Klein of New Found Glory and engineer Sam Pura (the Story So Far, the American Scene), who prove to be a dynamic duo. Wiry frontman Derek Discanio is a bona fide overachiever, lacing his notes with enough resilient Upstate New York ’tude to keep you in tune. His showy ownership of a pause-break in “Deadly Conversation” elevates him to diva status. While The Finer Things may be fashionably late for this summer, it’ll sure as hell hold you over to the next one.

Pure Noise

“Deadly Conversation”