Rock trio Static Cycle are creating a world of characters with distinct stories through their music. They’re exclusively premiering their raw, orchestral live performance of “Wolf” with AltPress, detailing significant internal and external struggles. 

The original version features powerful rock vocals, hefty riffs and intense beats. Lead singer and Alaska native Jared Navarre revealed his emotional range when the band stripped back this heavy track and tuned in with the vulnerability found in the lyrics.

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AltPress had the chance to talk with the band and learn the dark meaning behind “Wolf” and what fans can expect soon. Check out the full interview and live performance below. 

Tell us the story behind “Wolf.” What personal experiences or societal observations inspired your words, if any?

This may sound insane, but Jared actually had a pet wolf growing up in Alaska. That was the genesis for the wolf as one of the main characters in our experimental, upcoming live show. The wolf represents the necessary evil in all of us. 

In your singles “Boxes” and “Ringer,” you use paper to craft entire music videos. Where did this idea come from, and what do you hope viewers take away from them?

We have a series of six of these videos that go along with our upcoming record. These videos introduce the characters, world and themes of our live show. We’ve worked hard alongside [producer and paper artist] Stefano Bertelli to bring a different music video experience to our fans.

What’s the easiest part about performing live and acoustic? What would you say is the most challenging aspect?

The most challenging part right now is working around social distancing best practices. Jared was actually initially trapped in Alaska away from the rest of the band, and luckily now he’s been back and been quarantined long enough, so at least him and Andy [Sheridan, guitarist/keyboardist/bassist/programmer] can perform livestreams together. We’ve been working on these songs for years, and we intimately know and love them front to back, so sitting down and performing them is definitely the easy part. You could wake us up at 3 a.m. and force us to play these songs, and we’d be ready. 

Now that we’ve all entered this period of quarantine, how are you staying creative during this unprecedented time? What’s your go-to self-isolation activity? 

We’re all just doing our best not to get fat… We have to do shows on the other side of this. Thankfully with all the technology at our fingertips, creativity and sharing ideas is not an issue.

What’s one thing you hope to accomplish within the year? What can listeners and fans expect from Static Cycle in 2020? 

We’ve been building an immersive, genre-shifting live show for the past few years. Assuming we all get through this virus shit together, we hope it will debut this fall. In the meantime, we will keep dropping singles every five to six weeks and showing our beautiful faces on livestream.