Static Dress have shared “fleahouse” with an accompanying music video. The track is their final single to be released ahead of their debut album, Rouge Carpet Disaster, out May 18.

The new video was directed by vocalist Olli Appleyard.

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“fleahouse” ties together the final moments of last year's comic book soundtrack Prologue... to open the album. It begins with a sharp inhale before diving into unrestrained screams and frantic riffs. Appleyard sings, “Did you really need me?/Were we just a passing phase?/Like cigarettes in movie scenes.”

The track follows two other singles, “Di-sinTer” featuring King Yosef and “such.a.shame.”

The four-piece from Leeds transcend emo, screamo, metal, pop and electronic across the 12 tracks on their upcoming album. Preorder Rouge Carpet Disaster here, and check out the visual for “fleahouse” below.

Rouge Carpet Disaster tracklisting

1. “fleahouse”
2. “sweet.”
3. “Push rope”
4. “Attempt 8”
5. “Courtney, just relax”
6. “Di-sinTer” (feat. King Yosef)
7. “such.a.shame”
8. “…Maybe!!?”
9. “Lye solution”
10. “Unexplainabletitlesleavingyouwonderingwhy (welcome in)”
11.  “Marisol”
12. “Cubical dialog”