"Stay the course and make music you believe in"—Killswitch Engage reflect on their career so far

Killswitch Engage recently entered the APTV studio to chat with our metal correspondent Stevie James about their long career and the lesson's they've learned throughout. From the gritty first years of touring, to changing members and to reaching the successful point where they are now. Guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz and bassist Mike D'antonio explore it all. 

When your band has been active for 17 years, you're bound to have some gread advice. Here's Dutkiewicz:

“Stay the course and try to make music you believe in.” As simple as that. (Or, at least, so it sounds.)

It's a long journey that involves more, uh… bodily excretions that one might imagine. 


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Video/Editing: Bobby Makar
Interview: Stevie James
Segment producer/director: Cassie Whitt