There are several things to fear when it comes to It, whether you're a fan of the new movie or the remake. Most everyone will agree that Pennywise the clown is one of the scariest parts of the entire thing. 

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One artist took Pennywise and gave him an even darker look, drawing him in the form of a horrific anime-styled villain. Mike Anderson's rendition of Pennywise shook the internet to its core when it debuted, and for good reason. Just look at it. It's a picture perfect version of It's antagonist, right down to the expression. If there were an It anime series, this is, realistically, how it might look. 

But it wasn't enough to draw Pennywise. No, something more needed to be done to create the most terrifying anime-styled visage of a Stephen King character ever. A couple weeks later, Terra Collective vocalist Kevin Duran worked his magic on Anderson's artwork. Taking the anime portrait of Pennywise with his infamous paper boat, he brought it to life with a bit of animation and Japanesed dialogue. 

The result? Well, just watch for yourself. 

If that doesn't convince you that It is rife for an anime remake, then perhaps nothing will. Hopefully the right groups of people will intermingle to make this happen. Or maybe not, because we're just not sure how we could deal with this kind of animated nightmare, which is somehow even more harrowing than its live-action counterpart. It makes us shiver just thinking about it.

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