If you haven't heard, Stephenie Meyer just released Midnight Sun, the fifth book in the Twilight series.

Written in Edward Cullen's perspective, Midnight Sun is the retelling of the first Twilight book. For Meyer, she says that the task of retelling the beloved story was challenging. Now, she is revealing the one Twilight scene she wished would've happened sooner in the book series.

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After nearly 12 years since a few chapters of Midnight Sun leaked online, the Breaking Dawn follow up is finally here. Since its release, Meyer has been revealing various secrets about her time writing the book. Earlier this week, she shared that Midnight Sun may change readers' opinions on some beloved Twilight characters.

Now, she is sharing some of the realizations she had while writing the new book. In a new interview, she reveals that revisiting Twilight 15 years after its release has been eye-opening. For her, she struggled writing Midnight Sun because she was unable to change any aspect within the first book.

"Part of the struggle of writing [Midnight Sun] was there wasn't much room for me to readdress and to make changes," she says. "I've been locked into the story."

Since Midnight Sun is the retelling of the first book in Edward's perspective, Meyer says there aren't a lot of surprises in the new book. This aspect made it hard for her, as a writer, to not make changes to the original story.

"I knew what Edward was thinking and feeling [when I was writing Twilight]," she continues. "So for me, there aren't a lot of surprises, and I wish that there was more room for changes."

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She also shares that one very important scene in the Twilight series should have happened a lot sooner. Edward doesn't tell Bella he loves her until the second half of the first book. Since completing Midnight Sun, Meyer says that Edward would have told Bella "I love you" a lot sooner.

"He definitely would have after he saved her in Port Angeles," she continues. "He addresses that mentally where he is kind of surprised, as he thinks over their conversation when he's talking to her again, that he didn't say it. He's like, 'Oh, is she not aware?'"

If Meyer was able to rewrite this particular scene in Midnight Sun, she would've of. However, she felt it was her responsibility to retell Twilight just as fans remember it.

"But still, I feel like if I had the freedom to rework it instead of just telling his side, there would have been some fun changes," she says.

Perhaps the scene change could be made if a Midnight Sun film adaptation happens? Last month, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke shared her thoughts on a possible Midnight Sun film. She also revealed if she thinks Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would return for a sixth movie.

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