Let’s be real: After watching the first season of Stranger Things, we’re sure we’re not the only ones who thought he was a pretty big jerk, with his love for Nancy being his most redeeming quality. But by the end of Season 2, he was (spoiler alert!) babysitter Steve who had totally melted our hearts.

Here are 5 reasons why we love babysitter/hero Steve—and you should, too.

He fights off the demodogs

Steve is a total badass, and that’s proven after the boys find out Dart isn’t a little pollywog, but rather, a demodog. So Steve hops onboard to essentially save the world, baseball bat covered in nails and all. What. A. Guy.

He also fights off Billy

There was clearly always tension between the popular (and, let’s be real, super attractive) male leads. Steve takes his role to the next level when he sees Billy show up at literally the worst time to take Max home.

He doesn’t let Billy get away with treating his sister terribly, though, fighting off Billy as best as he can. And though he might have lost that round, it’s the thought that counts.

He joins the kids in the Upside Down

Kids will be kids, meaning of course they won’t listen to what their babysitter has to say. They decide to head to the Upside Down, and he won’t let them go alone. The most heroic moment? Protecting Dustin when those demodogs swarm past.

He puts their lives ahead of his own, and there’s truly nothing more heroic than that.

Not to mention: He does all this life saving thanklessly

Let’s be real here: Steve was just an innocent bystander, hoping to work things out with Nancy (let’s not forget the roses he was bringing her!), and Dustin recruits him on the spot to join the demodog fighting gang. He was simply trying to be a good boyfriend, and in the process, ends up becoming the best dang babysitter around.

He has the best bromance with Dustin

And although we don’t want to show any kind of favoritism, there’s no denying that Steve and Dustin’s unexpected friendship is one of the best parts of the new season. After filling him in on how to get the girl (AKA Max) earlier in the season, Steve sticks by his side until the season closer when he gives Dustin a pre-Snow Ball pep talk—and helps him get that incredible hair for the dance.

"We were in the middle of writing the season when we realized Dustin was also all alone," Ross Duffer told The Hollywood Reporter. "We realized Steve was also suffering from heartbreak. It was very much in the middle of the season—we're talking about months into the writing—that we decided to put these two characters together.”

And we’re sure as heck glad that they did.

Bonus? That. Hair.

We just wanted an excuse to share this gif, honestly.

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