Steve Klein’s ex-wife testifies in online sex offenses case

The San Luis Obispo Tribune is reporting that former New Found Glory guitarist Steve Klein was in a San Luis Obispo, California, courtroom Thursday over being accused of sexual misconduct with underage girls.

Earlier this year, Klein was charged with five counts of lewd acts on a child, as well as one count of contact “with intent to commit a sex offense” and possession of child pornography. A number of key things took place during the proceedings yesterday:

Klein’s attorney, Debra White, had filed a request to put a gag order on the case due to Klein’s high profile. Judge John Trice rejected the request.

White had also filed a motion to suppress the evidence against Klein, because of the search for the evidence being potentially unlawful. Trice also rejected this second Motion.

Steve Klein’s ex-wife, Amanda Klein, testified, revealing that while her husband was out of town (just days after she had filed for divorce), she found “at least 100” video chats between Klein and unnamed females who appeared to be underage. She admitted that she was looking for evidence that Steve Klein was having an affair when she found the chats.

The Tribune further reports that Amanda Klein described the videos she found:

“At least one of the videos showed Steve Klein masturbating while two females — who were clothed — watched, she testified.”

For the most part, Thursday’s hearing was limited to covering whether or not the video evidence should be excluded from the case.

The next date in the case will be on May 22—a preliminary hearing in San Luis Obispo Superior Court, where a computer forensic specialist is expected to testify.